Coyote Creek Retreivers


Kenny and Torque

Kenny Fulks has been working with his father Jim and many breeds of sporting dogs.  Through these experiences he has learned patience in the development and function of  sporting dogs in both upland and waterfowl hunting.  He feels that even though one may prefer the Labrador to other retrievers or sporting dogs, one should learn to appreciate all breeds, as there is a breed to suit all.  Along with his understanding of human nature and love for all living things, Kenny applies the same ”gentle approach”  that Jim has used throughout the years.

We are so thankful that we discovered Coyote Creek Retrievers (CCR). We have now had two of our Labrador Retrievers trained at CCR. We are delighted with the results. The CCR training and handling approach is very gentle.

                                                            The Abston Family

Ken SeniorJim Fulks started training for obedience trials as a hobby in the early 1980’s.  Training with Anne Marie Silverton at the Silverton School For Dogs in Stockton, California convinced him that a gentle approach is applicable to the training of Gun Dogs, as well as in the training of obedience dogs.  Jim started training retrievers professionally in the late 1980’s, moving to his present location in 1990.  Using gentle techniques, he has trained many retrievers to the Master Hunter level in AKC Hunt Tests, and has produced numerous Gun Dogs that work with style.

Coyote Creek has given me the best hunting dog a person could ask for as well as a best friend. They have introduced me to another amazing dog. I find Jim, Maxine & Kenny easy to work with and I can always tell they truly care about their dogs.

                                                             John Bartizal

maxine 150x150Maxine started training with Jim in 1991.  After many years of “apprenticeship” with Jim, they married in 1999.  She learned the “Jim Fulks’ gentle approach” to training, and found that together, their love of the dogs, hunt tests, upland bird hunting worked well.  Then as now, their common goal of seeing well trained dogs go home to very pleased clients, is extremely satisfying. Now that Jim’s youngest son, Ken, is working with his father and Maxine, she finds more time to spend doing book work, and even better, lots more time for puppies!  Although her work duties are now less, at any given time you may find her out setting traps, throwing bumpers, maintaining the training grounds, or cleaning kennels