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From Gotasing:

I LOVE THIS COLLAR! My small shitzhu Maltese mix thought he was a German shepherd when walking on a leash. Other dogs, bicycles, humans, lawn mowers, etc. brought out horrific behavior…. Until I tried the Dogtra IQ. The first time I used it, my neighbors couldn’t believe the change in my dog! No more ferocious pup for me! Am able to walk near and with other dogs, walk next to moving bikes, people, and lawn mowers. LOVE THIS COLLAR!!!

From Tom:

Excellent results Read the instructions twice and think carefully about how you are going to use it, and you can expect excellent results in a short time. Besides being able to stop my dog instantly if she tries to chase a deer or snowmobile, we can play frisbee without her running off to explore the neighborhood. She wags her tail and happily accepts the collar because she knows it means fun times outdoors witout a leash.

From bravogolden:

Offers great freedom The Dogtra collars are the only ones which last.I have a basket full of other brands which were poorly made and failed fast.Sportsman is one of them.I just buckle these onto my various sized dogs in the am and I know they are under my control should danger appear.I like the new smaller one for my terriers and am now buying a second one.. I like the discount incentive offered by this retailer.

From Diane:

Brilliant idea! I put this on my dog everymorning. Had to use it fairly often at first, but rarely have to use it now. He listens and is so happy. He pouted at first, but the more he got the hang of it, the happier we both were!!