Gun Dog Training – $750 per month

Our training program starts with basic obedience, proceeding to collar conditioning and the “Conditioned Retrieve.” We then proceed to marking drills on land and water while working on teaching the dogs to “Handle” on blind retrieves. We believe that a gentle approach to training results in dogs that perform willingly with style. Each dog has its own personality and not all dogs advance at the same pace; therefore, we adjust our training to meet the need of the dog. We are proud to have been able to take dogs that other trainers have “failed,” and turn them into good hunting dogs.

150x150 1For a dog to retain its training, we encourage clients to be involved with the training. This way the owner knows how to keep their dog “in tune” and ready for the hunting season. If a client wants to run their dog in AKC Hunt Tests or HRC Hunt Tests, then they need to understand what their dog is trained to do and how to successfully get their dog to perform at a consistently high level.Dog Boarding & Dog Training

150 x150 2A word of caution; an “untrained” owner can undo months of training. That is why we welcome the actively involved client. You can not learn how to successfully work with your dog in a single day. Unless you have years of dog training under your belt, we would like to see you a lot more than just the day you come to pick up your dog. This is just one of the approaches of Coyote Creek Retrievers that is different than what you will find with the typical professional dog trainer