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A little bit about Coyote Creek Retrievers

Over 30 Years in Business.

Coyote Creek Retrievers is a full-time and year-round facility. You can be assured that your dog is getting the best training and care available. Kenny works the dogs every day and spends individual time with each dog to make sure they are getting exactly the training that they need. Your dog will also be fed the proper diet for health and endurance.


Kenny Fulks

Kenny Fulks

Coyote Creek Retrievers is A Premier Oregon sporting dog Training Facility. Kenny Fulks has been working with his father Jim and many breeds of sporting dogs. Through these experiences he has learned patience in the development and function of sporting dogs in both upland and waterfowl hunting. He feels that even though one may prefer the Labrador to other retrievers or sporting dogs, one should learn to appreciate all breeds, as there is a breed to suit all.

In Memory

Jim Fulks

Jim Fulks started training for obedience trials as a hobby in the early 1980s. Training with Anne Marie Silverton at the Silverton School For Dogs in Stockton, California, convinced him that a gentle approach applies to the training of sporting dogs, as well as in the training of obedience dogs. Jim started training retrievers professionally in the late 1980s, moving to his present location in 1990. Using gentle techniques, he has trained many retrievers to the Master Hunter level in AKC Hunt Tests and has produced numerous sporting dogs that work with style. Jim passed in 2021.

Jim Fulks

Kenny & Torque


CCR’s Rebel’s Repeat Performance lived up to his name. He was primarily a companion and pet for Jim and Kenny. However, he was also a well-pedigreed sporting dog bred to excel in trial, test, and field and a true “echo” of his father, Rebel. During his “competitive” days, Torque amassed multiple Master Hunt Titles which is no small feat. More than this, however, was his companionship in the home and on the hunt. Torque was driven to “get the work done,” yet possessed a presence that inspired a quiet confidence in everyone he touched.  He was a gentle giant that had to be felt to be understood. The good news is that Torque sired many litters of quality pups, and his pedigree and temperament live on at CCR. He was a best friend who will be missed forever, yet his qualities are remembered in the dogs of his lineage.

Rebel, Torque’s Father

From the Cochran Family…

He’s not your typical guy-friend; he was my military-issued friend named Rebel – my bomb dog for two years in the Marines. Dogs are man’s best friend; they love you no matter what and will put your own life before theirs every time.

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Why Choose Us

Coyote Creek Retrievers is a full time and year round facility. You can be assured that your dog is is getting the best training and care available.

Not all Dog Training Facilities are the Same

You can be assured that your dog is is getting the best training and care available every day they are here.

Dog Training Takes Time & Patience

Some dogs will will learn faster than others and some just need a bit more time. We adjust to their needs.

30+ Years Experience in Training and Breeding

We have trained many dogs to the Master Hunter Level in AKC Hunt Tests. Let us help you get the best-trained dog.

Technical Training Ponds

Aerial View of training ponds

Our Facilities

Our modern 20-dog kennel has indoor and outdoor runs for each dog, with an open exercise area surrounded by a chain link fence. The kennel area gates are kept locked except when being used. The kennel is heated in cold weather. There is a washer & dryer to clean bedding and towels used for the dogs. There also is a dog washing station to clean dogs that will be traveling home with their owners.

The Coyote Creek Retrievers training grounds are situated over 60 scenic acres. The design of the training grounds includes terrain that allows us to run your dog through progressive skill-building exercises. Our ponds are custom contoured with inlets, peninsulas, curving shorelines, shallow entries, and deep water sections. This allows us to challenge and build your dog’s skill in myriad ways so that they perform reliably when faced with the real-world challenges of your next hunt.

This picturesque setting is open to clients and their families while their dogs are in training. We encourage families to be involved with the education of their dogs. We want owners to understand what we are training their dogs to do. To encourage this, we even have a picnic table set up for family use. Coming out to see your dog being trained, and having the opportunity to participate in the training, can be a fun family outing. Being on CCR’s training grounds has been described as magical — one we hope you’ll come experience soon.

We know that dogs will retain more of their training when owners have taken the time to understand and be part of the learning process. At Coyote Creek Retrievers, we like to see dogs be an integral part of the owner’s family. Having a well-trained dog is very rewarding at home and when you have the dog out hunting with you.

You will be pleased with the services we provide and the care and attention we will give your dog.

We want to thank you for considering Coyote Creek Retrievers a chance to provide you with your Oregon sporting dog Training. We take great pride in providing some of the best training and training environments you can find in Oregon.

Dog Training & Boarding Services

We train from beginning obedience to advanced retriever skills. Our boarding services include daily work on our picturesque, sixty-eight-acre, training facility.


We believe that a gentle approach to training results in dogs that perform willingly with style.
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We provide a safe and healthy environment for dogs while their owners are on vacation.
Rain & Waylon Breeding Pair


We offer Stud and Breeding Services. All our dogs are registered and highly sought after.