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Successful dog training starts with an understanding of what goal you wish to accomplish with your animal. From basic obedience, to more advanced skills, Coyote Creek Retrievers begins with working to establish a shared vision of your desired outcome. Canine companions feel more secure and safe knowing they are working within your desired behavioral boundaries.  Dogs inherently want to please and need to understand what is expected and how to perform for their humans. We offer several types of training within this broad umbrella of a goals-based approach.

Obedience Training

Obedience Training

A good dog is a happy dog (not to mention a happy owner). Obedience training is fundamentally about developing a common language with your dog. We strive to keep this language simple and productive so that you have reliable anchors on which to communicate and expect specific behavioral outcomes. This simple language forms the foundation for all future work and is essential for confidence and happiness for you and your dog. With a solid obedience language, your dog will become the reliable everyday companion you envisioned. 

All dogs benefit from obedience training. For this reason, when space is available, we are happy to work with other breeds in our kennels and on our training grounds. The best fit for our facilities and trainers are larger breeds. Call or contact us to inquire whether a boarding and obedience training program is right for your dog.

Gun Dog Training

Training a quality gun dog is a process, not an event. Sporting dog breeds are canine athletes bred for their desire to please, their drive to work, their energy level, and their intelligence. They can become a handful in the home without a grounding in obedience but also without an outlet for them to express and focus their innate energy and passion.

Gun dog training is rooted in basic obedience skills, from which small additional skills can be added over the course of many months. These skills draw upon the dog’s instinctual need to retrieve and please, fulfilling their purpose. The end result is something beautiful to behold — a being fully immersed in what they were meant to do. This brings a joy to the animal, which is shared by their human companion and transgresses hunting or testing. We call it “the dance”, where human and canine are in the moment together pursuing a singular outcome. The joy of accomplishing these feats is the true reward. What is most special is how the pursuit of these activities creates a companionship and bond that moves from the field into the home and everyday life.

Our program believes that the best way to progress a dog through this process is to fully understand their uniqueness, watching for and listening to their personality. We can rely on their natural desire yet understand and adjust our training to meet them where they are in their development. With this mindset, we are proud to have been able to take dogs that other trainers have “failed” and turn them into good hunting dogs through our process.

For any dog to retain its training, it must be transferable from the kennel environment back into the home. For this reason, we encourage clients to be involved with their dog’s training journey and welcome recurring visits where we can share progress and teach owners the performance skills their dog is achieving in real-time. In this way, clients can understand how to keep their dog “in tune” for any occasion. Fulfillment for both owner and dog stems from being able to consistently perform at high levels together in whatever pursuit they choose. This commitment to training both dog and owner is one approach that sets Coyote Creek Retrieves apart from others in the field.

Train & Board

Typically: $850/month

Kenny and Bella Holding Training

Kenny & Bella Learning to Hold

Water Training

Kenny & Chip

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You will be pleased with the services we provide and the care and attention we will give your dog.

Coyote Creek Retrievers uses only State Of The Art equipment in training your hunting dog. We also train your hunting dog in numerous areas and facilities to get them comfortable with different environments.

What Clients Say

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Kenny and team really love and care for the dogs. Our dog stayed for four months and we visited almost every week to watch the progress and learn what to do once he was ready to come home. Planning to take him back every year for refreshers and boarding.

Eric D. Google Review

Best bird dog training and obedience training in Oregon. Kenny is a master trainer and is amazing with his dogs. If you have a hunting dog or a family dog that Ned’s some help Kenny is your guy. if you are looking for a puppie Coyote Creek Retrievers is the only place to go.
Kenny also provides dog boarding and has an excellent faculty for his guests.

Ted J. Google Review

I just drove by this business as I was coming home from king estate winery. enjoying the country road and I had to stop in and Check-out their business-and and kennel service so now I'm going to be buying a AKC yellow lab she's adorable and I can't wait to pick her up and make her my own; the owners are so sweet and sincere am very glad that I stopped here and now will be boarding both of my dogs here and I know how happy they will be and loved. 🙂

Lauren D. Google Review