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We train from beginning obedience to advanced retriever skills. Our boarding services include daily work on our picturesque, sixty-eight-acre, training facility.


Successful dog training starts with an understanding of what goal you wish to accomplish with your animal. From basic obedience to more advanced skills, Coyote Creek Retrievers begins with working to establish a shared vision of your desired outcome...
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Our boarding services are intended to provide a safe and healthy environment for dogs while their owners are on vacation (usually less than a month). If you need more extended term boarding, we recommend putting your dog into our training and conditioning program...
Rain & Waylon Breeding Pair


Labrador Retriever “sporting dogs” draw upon the inherent, imbedded, instinctual aspects of the breed — to retrieve — and leverage those traits for everyday life. Trainable, willing, and eager to please, they possess the intelligence and natural desire to work...

Dogtra Products

Unlock your furry friend’s potential and take your training to the next level with Dogtra! For over 30 years, their team of industry professionals have been creating top-notch tools and equipment for e-collar training and GPS tracking — so you can trust...

You will be pleased with the services we provide and the care and attention we will give your dog.

Coyote Creek Retrievers uses only State Of The Art equipment in training your hunting dog. We also train your hunting dog in numerous areas and facilities to get them comfortable with different environments.

General Questions?

There is no “magic” period because each dog is unique in its abilities, temperament, and aptitude. It also depends on your dog’s current development (obedience and prior training). However, a full training program can often last as long as four to six months, depending on your desired goal.

Your dog needs to be fully vaccinated and physically ready for training.  For most puppies, this is around six months of age.  We can (and do) assess your dog’s readiness before starting the program.

No. We focus our attention on each dog individually. It is essential to meet them where they are in their training and work to advance their skills over time.

These are some of the questions we get from potential dog owners and our customers.

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