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Safe & Healthy

Our boarding services provide a safe and healthy environment for your dog while you are away. In our experience, being safe and healthy for sporting breeds requires more than just a kennel, food, and water. It also includes allowing the dog to live out its purpose each day. Sporting breeds need daily invigorating exercise doing what they were bred to do. For sporting dog breeds, this is more than a game of fetch. It includes challenges for the animal to learn and grow in their ability to locate prey, respond to their owner’s commands, and bring back fallen game. For this reason, boarding at Coyote Creek Retrievers includes daily one-on-one training for your dog to live out its purpose, tailored to your dog’s skill level.

Most boarding arrangements are shorter term (less than a month). However, even in these abbreviated stays, dogs can “tune-up” their skills and enjoy the CCR facility while doing fieldwork, water work, and obedience training. For other breeds, we work with you to tailor the one-on-one time to the activities most appropriate for your animal. If you need longer-term boarding, we recommend putting your dog into our training and conditioning program. In this program, we assess your dog’s skill level and design its program to progressively build that level over time.

While our kennels are primarily set up for retriever breeds, we can accommodate other breeds and smaller dogs. We can also accommodate special dietary needs with advance notice. Our goal is to provide an environment where your dog is safe, stimulated, and cared for.

Typical Fees

Boarding & Exercise $35 per day


We have a 20 dog kennel that has indoor and outdoor spaces.

Clean and Safe

Heated kennels, clean beds, and a dog wash station.

Plenty of Space

Over 60 scenic acres of land and ponds for your dog.

Modern Facilities

Our modern 20-dog kennel has indoor and outdoor runs for each dog, with an open exercise area surrounded by a chain link fence. The kennel area gates are kept locked except when being used. The kennel is heated in cold weather. There is a washer & dryer to clean bedding and towels used for the dogs. There also is a dog washing station to clean dogs that will be traveling home with their owners.

The Coyote Creek Retrievers training grounds are situated over 60 scenic acres. The design of the training grounds includes terrain that allows us to run your dog through progressive skill-building exercises. Our ponds are custom contoured with inlets, peninsulas, curving shorelines, shallow entries, and deep water sections. This allows us to challenge and build your dog’s skill in myriad ways so that they perform reliably when faced with the real-world challenges of your next hunt.

This picturesque setting is open to clients and their families while their dogs are in training. We encourage families to be involved with the education of their dogs. We want owners to understand what we are training their dogs to do. To encourage this, we even have a picnic table set up for family use. Coming out to see your dog being trained, and having the opportunity to participate in the training, can be a fun family outing. Being on CCR’s training grounds has been described as magical — one we hope you’ll come experience soon.

We know that dogs will retain more of their training when owners have taken the time to understand and be part of the learning process. At Coyote Creek Retrievers, we like to see dogs be an integral part of the owner’s family. Having a well-trained dog is very rewarding at home and when you have the dog out hunting with you.

You will be pleased with the services we provide and the care and attention we will give your dog.

Coyote Creek Retrievers uses only State Of The Art equipment in training your hunting dog. We also train your hunting dog in numerous areas and facilities to get them comfortable with different environments.

What Clients Say

We pride ourselves on providing the best dogs for our customers. Here is what a few of them had to say.

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Kenny and team really love and care for the dogs. Our dog stayed for four months and we visited almost every week to watch the progress and learn what to do once he was ready to come home. Planning to take him back every year for refreshers and boarding.

Eric D. Google Review

Best bird dog training and obedience training in Oregon. Kenny is a master trainer and is amazing with his dogs. If you have a hunting dog or a family dog that Ned’s some help Kenny is your guy. if you are looking for a puppie Coyote Creek Retrievers is the only place to go.
Kenny also provides dog boarding and has an excellent faculty for his guests.

Ted J. Google Review

I just drove by this business as I was coming home from king estate winery. enjoying the country road and I had to stop in and Check-out their business-and and kennel service so now I'm going to be buying a AKC yellow lab she's adorable and I can't wait to pick her up and make her my own; the owners are so sweet and sincere am very glad that I stopped here and now will be boarding both of my dogs here and I know how happy they will be and loved. 🙂

Lauren D. Google Review